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Photo blender

Photo blender

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Photo Blender (Image mixer) is a simple but powerful app, it blends two of your Photos into a single Photo.
This Photo Blender is an amazing app that can blend two of your photos into a single photo to build fascinating posters with simple taps. Also match your photos in equal proportions with a spontaneous crop adjustment and set your blend image transparency with easy swipe gestures!

Gorgeous features for Photo blender app: 
* Simple usability and procedure.
* Supports Mobile and Tablet devices.
* Easily blend two photos to make them one.
* Movable foreground and background blend photos for proper position.
* Flip foreground and background photos each other.
* No web connection is required.

How to Use:
Select two photos from gallery or take picture using mobile camera.
Click on continue button.
Select one of two photos using buttons at screen bottom.
Move or rotate or zoom selected photo and adjust them.
You can flip two photos using flip button.
Finally save decorated photo on sdcard using save button.
You can also Set them as Wallpaper and Share with your family and friends or loved one.
Share decorated photo blender image to your loved one.

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Its Unique user interface stands out from other apps.
Photo blender is Absolutely free to try.
Download Photo blender application directly from google play store.